20 New Released Christian Movies 2024( must watch

Step into the world of inspiration and faith with the latest cinematic treasures! In the realm of entertainment, where storytelling meets spirituality, the spotlight is now on the “20 New Released Christian Movies of 2024.” Brace yourself for a captivating journey as these films unfold narratives of hope, love, and the enduring power of faith.

Let the silver screen be your gateway to a realm where storytelling transcends boundaries, touching hearts and souls alike. Join us as we explore this year’s cinematic offerings that promise to uplift, inspire, and illuminate the path with their profound messages. Get ready for an enriching experience as we delve into the essence of these cinematic masterpieces, crafted to leave a lasting impact on your spirit.

The beauty of Netflix is that no matter what type of film you’re looking for, the streaming service provides a wide selection in each genre to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for something upbeat, a hilarious comedy, or a family-friendly film, Netflix offers it all. However, the finest family-friendly films are those with deeper messages and themes about life and faith that we can all benefit from. 

20 New Released Christian Movies 2024

If you’re looking for new movies about Christ, you’ll find lots of options.

How do we persevere when things are difficult? We could all use a reminder that there is a plan for our lives, and movies are one of the most powerful methods to learn about life, love, faith, and character strength. Here are the top 20 new released Christian movies 2024 to watch throughout the year, but especially as the holiday season approaches.

20 New Released Christian Movies 2024

1. A Week Away

20 New Released Christian Movies 2024

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A Week Away is a musical about troubled kid Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn), who has two options after a run-in with the law: go to juvie or attend Christian summer camp. 

The latter choice is more tempting, so Will reluctantly goes camping, where he discovers a startling connection in the last place he anticipated finding love. Bailee Madison co-stars in the film.

2. Blue Miracle

20 New Released Christian Movies 2024

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Blue Miracle is another new movie about Christ in 2024. Blue Miracle, starring Jimmy Gonzales, Dennis Quaid, and Anthony Gonzalez, tells the actual story of a guardian and his children forming an odd alliance with a boat captain in order to win a fishing competition and save their boys-only orphanage in Mexico. Perhaps you can find faith while out on the sea.

3. Come Sunday

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Based on a true life story, Come Sunday depicts the story of Carlton Pearson, an internationally known pastor who makes headlines as he begins to question church theology and, eventually, his faith.

4. Fatima

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Fatima takes place in 1917 in Portugal. Three children claim to have visions of the Virgin Mary, which conveys a message of unshakable faith. 

However, not everyone agrees with the message; family, neighbors, and even local officials raise concerns as the community divides over the vision.

5. Notes for My Son

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In the touching but darkly amusing film Notes for My Son, a woman dying of cancer decides to leave behind a journal of various ideas about life (and death) for her toddler-aged son to read after she passes away.

6. The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

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Gavin Stone is no stranger to legal trouble. Once the Golden Boy, this child-star-turned-Hollywood-bad-boy is sentenced to community service at a local church, where he pretends to be a Christian in order to play Jesus in the yearly play.

7. Nothing to Lose

20 New Released Christian Movies 2024( must watch)

Nothing to Lose is a faith and spirituality biographical drama that depicts Edir Macedo’s climb to stardom. 

The film, which was adapted from the original version into English, centers on the controversial Brazilian evangelical leader and how he founded the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God and RecordTV, Brazil’s second-largest television network.

8. Penguin Bloom

Based on a true story, a mother discovers an unusual approach to dealing with the aftermath of a life-changing event when a wounded magpie needs her to nurse it back to health. It ultimately changes not just her life but also the lives of her family.

9. Walk. Ride. Rodeo.

 New Released Christian Movies 2024

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Based on a true incident, a young rodeo star is paralyzed after a horrific tumble, but despite her spinal cord injury, she resolves to get back on her horse and compete again.

10. Forgiven

New Released Christian Movies 2024

When a man holds a group of churchgoers hostage in a sanctuary and police arrive ready to arrest him, there appears to be little chance for the man. 

Fortunately for him, the pastor’s daughter is present not only to save his life, but also his soul. As the standoff becomes more tense, her only goal is to ensure that everyone leaves the chapel safely. 

11. Good Sam 

New Released Christian Movies 2024

Kate Bradley (Tiya Sircar), a Channel 12 news reporter, is drawn to an unexpected news item that leads her to investigate a mysterious good samaritan who has been leaving $100,000 cash on the doorsteps of Manhattan residences.

Uncovering the secret identity of the good samaritan, sometimes known as Good Sam, may call into question Kate’s assumptions.

12. Voices of Fire

New Released Christian Movies 2024

Voices of Fire is a faith-based documentary in which Bishop Ezekiel Williams collaborates with singer/producer Pharrell (and Williams’ nephew!) to form a stunning gospel choir that may be a little unorthodox.

13. Rock My Heart

New Released Christian Movies 2024

A teenage girl born with a heart abnormality discovers purpose in training and riding a wild stallion. 

With great faith and a conviction in a higher purpose, this unexplainable link between horse and girl could be a miracle.

14. Our Lady of San Juan, Four Centuries of Miracles

new released christian movies 2024

In Our Lady of San Juan, Four Centuries of Miracles, the Virgin Mary performs a miracle on a girl in 1623 Mexico before clashing with a family four centuries later who undertake a pilgrimage to Mexico for their kid.

15. The Two Popes

new released christian movies 2024

In a surprising and unprecedented act, Pope Benedict XVI resigned from the papacy in 2013 and was succeeded by Pope Francis, resulting in the first two living popes in centuries. 

In this Oscar-nominated film, Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins play the papal couple as they discuss their jobs, faith, and, of course, pizza.

16. Stories of a Generation with Pope Francis

New Released Christian Movies 2024

If you’d rather have the actual Pope Francis than a fictional one, watch this four-part documentary about the present leader of the Roman Catholic Church. 

The series, which features Pope Francis, tells the tales of men and women beyond the age of 70 as they pass on their wisdom to future generations. Other contributors include director Martin Scorsese and anthropologist Jane Goodall.

17. Journey to Grace: The Hansie Cronje Story

This film, first released in South Africa as Hansie: A True Story, covers the life of renowned cricket player Hansie Cronje, who sparked a global scandal when it was revealed that he was rigging matches. 

This prodigal son story follows Cronje’s path after falling from grace and how he attempted to make up for his mistakes.

18. The Wait

For many people, conceiving and delivering birth is a tough and frequently miserable journey that can last for years. 

In The Wait, based on the novel God’s Waiting Room, one doctor helps couples struggling with infertility start their own families. 

19. Christmas Love 

new released christian movies 2024

What is a list of Christian movies without at least one Christmas film? In this Christmas film, a father grows away from his daughter as he becomes a workaholic in an attempt to provide a better life for her. 

Perhaps this Christmas, he’ll realize that some things are more important than money, and spending time with your loved ones can be the best way to show them you care.

20. Mysteries of the Faith

newly released christian movies 2024

While relics are no longer at the forefront of Christianity, they continue to play an important role in Christian history, particularly in the Catholic Church. 

In this four-part documentary, scholars delve into the history of relics, gaining access to some of the world’s most intriguing and revered items of Christian memorabilia.


What are the new released Christian movies 2024 ?

Newly released christian movies 2024
  • Someone Like You. Based on the popular novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Kingsbury, “Someone Like You” is an achingly beautiful, redemptive love story.
  • Lionsgate Movies.
  • Freud’s Last Session.
  • The Forge Movie.
  • Unsung Hero.

Is there a Christian Streaming Service equivalent of Netflix?

In 2015, the Pure Flix app was released, and it is now accessible on Android, iPhone, Roku, and Amazon, as well as Apple TV and Google Chromecast. The streaming service is free for one month, after which it costs $7.99 a month. Think of it as a Christian Netflix.

Are there any excellent Christian films on Netflix?

A Week Away, a musical, is Netflix’s latest faith-based film, starring Kevin Quinn and Bailee Madison. Following a run-in with the law, troubled teenager Will Hawkins (Quinn) has two options: go to juvie or attend Christian summer camp.

What are the latest film about Jesus in 2024?

The film is slated to begin shooting in January 2024. The post-Mel Gibson’s The Passion of Christ 2 Will Be Divided into Multiple Parts appeared originally on—movie trailers, TV and streaming news, and more.

What are the best movie about Jesus?

  • God’s Not Dead (2014)
  • Son of God (2014)
  • Life of Brian (1979)
  • Godspell (1973)
  • The Jesus Film (1979)
  • The Encounter (I) (2010) 85 min | Drama.
  • The Robe (1953)
  • Heaven Is for Real (2014)


As we continue on our cinematic adventure in 2024, these 17 new Christian films provide a varied spectrum of storytelling, concepts, and visual experiences.

These films contribute to the changing landscape of Christian cinema with epic tales of faith, thought-provoking studies of modern themes, and the use of new storytelling techniques.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Christian films or looking for edifying and inspiring entertainment, 2024’s selections will leave an indelible impression.

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