11 New Horror Movies 2024 (Don’t Watch)

Australian chiller Talk to Me is the latest in a slew of horror films to storm, creep, and skulk into our theaters this year. 11 new horror movies 2024There have been atmospheric supernatural meditations (Enys Men), slowburn freakouts (Infinity Pool, Knock at the Cabin), demonic deluges (Evil Dead Rise, The Boogeyman), and meme-worthy horror comedies (M3GAN) with tongues in cheek and dread in their hearts. 

Even a few non-horror films, such as Beau Is Afraid, Tár, and Oppenheimer, have succumbed to the genre’s ghostly trappings.

In short, we’ve never been too far away from a satisfyingly disturbing night at the movies in 2024. Scream VI is showing its age, Insidious: The Red Door is groaning on its hinges, and Winnie the Pooh: Blood And Honey is undoubtedly making AA Milne turn in his grave. But the good has exceeded the negative, and gorehounds, Dead Heads, and genre fans have had much to rejoice about.

11 new horror movies 2024 (don’t watch)

1. Infinity Pool

11 New Horror movies of 2024

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James (Alexander Skarsgard) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman) are having a fantastic holiday of pristine beaches, amazing staff, and sunbathing at an isolated island resort. They venture outside the resort grounds, however, guided by the attractive and intriguing Gabi (Mia Goth). 

They find themselves in a culture rife with violence, hedonism, and unspeakable horrors. After a catastrophic accident, they face a zero-tolerance policy for crime: either you’ll be executed or, if you’re wealthy enough, you can watch yourself die instead. hahaha

2. No One Will Save You

11 new horror movies 2024

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Last year, it was Prey; this year, it’s this brilliantly twitchy home-invasion horror that claims the title of Movie That Really Deserved A Wide Release (Rather Than Being Dumped On Hulu). Kaitlyn Dever, from Booksmart, is a traumatized shut-in whose remote residence is suddenly stalked by terrible extra-terrestrials, and who doesn’t even have an intrepid dog for moral support. 

No One Will Save You, directed by Brian Duffield with the show-don’t-tell economy (it’s nearly dialogue-free), wears its influences on its sleeve – Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Signs, A Quiet Place, and so on – yet nevertheless seems fresh and genuinely terrifying.

3. The Fall of the House of Usher (Netflix)

11 new horror movies 2024

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Mike Flanagan, the creator of The Haunting of Hill House, replaces Shirley Jackson with Edgar Allan Poe in this slimy, twisted, and timely modern reimagining of the American gothic classic. 

Other Poe work (Carla Gugino plays a mysterious figure called Verna, an anagram of ‘raven’), a rickety old mansion, a clever framing device, and some magnificently gruesome deaths are thrown in to make a morality tale about a vile business magnate whose ill-gotten, opioid-based wealth brings calamity upon his family. 

You get the ascent, the fall, and the part where these horrible people go’splat‘.

It’s a case of ‘like father, like son’ in Brandon’son of David Cronenberg’s inventive and unsettling sci-fi, which crowns Mia Goth as the year’s undisputed queen of horror (and everything else, to be honest). 

Goth portrays the type of femme fatale who always seems to lure innocents like Alexander Skarsgrd’s vacationing novelist into grave trouble in movies – and so it proves, albeit in darker and more insane ways than you might imagine. The combination of Philip K Dick-style social satire and David Cronenberg-style body horror makes for a tremendously intriguing and nasty watch.

4. Skinamarink

11 new horror movies 2024

In this oppressive nano-budget nightmare experiment, the story is secondary to feeling. Skinamarink invites you to spend the night on the carpet with Kevin and Kaylee, whose parents have gone missing and whose house has its own set of rules for amusement. 

The film’s swirling fake grain conceals risks while creating new ones – if you gaze at Skinamarink long enough, you’ll start seeing things that aren’t there

Even scarier, filmmaker Kyle Edward Ball claims that there is something in the background that no audience has ever detected. Slow motion has never been so disturbing.

5. Talk To Me

11 new horror movies 2024

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 Danny and Michael Philippou, best known for their YouTube channel RackaRacka, have a sick sense of humor. 

Their A24-approved debut feature is about an embalmed hand that allows its teen users to meet the dead. Allow the lazy spirits in for more than 90 seconds, and they may opt to stay. 

Fortunately for aficionados of unsettling dread, brutal gore, and slow pans across dark rooms, the teens’ timekeeping is a little imprecise. Prepare for some of the most gruesome possession sequences you’ll see all year.

6. Saw X

11 new horror movies 2023

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The Saw franchise reverted to its original villain, John ‘Jigsaw’ Kramer (Tobin Bell), after the wild swings of Spiral. 

The sick Kramer is duped by a medical con and exacts brutal vengeance on those responsible. 

There are ingenious traps and frightening bodily horror, but there are also confusing concerns about who is worse: the torturers or the victims. It’s gross, but the fans liked it.

7. Pearl

11 new horror movies 2024

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Mia Goth always commits to the piece, whether she’s joking with an alligator or dry-humping a scarecrow. 

In this dusty precursor to Ti West’s X and the impending MaXXXine, she plays Pearl with deranged glee. 

Set in 1918 on a Texas farm, the picture glides from the spectacular to the gross-out, paying homage to Golden Age Hollywood musicals along the way as Pearl is corrupted in her quest to become a chorus girl. Stay for the most terrifying end credits you’ve ever seen.

8. Knock at the Cabin

11 new horror movies 2024

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 M Night Shyamalan’s best picture since Signs foregoes surprises and twists in favor of atmospherics and slow-building dread. 

It’s essentially a one-set chamber piece in which four mysterious invaders intrude on a couple’s rural hideaway and demand a human sacrifice to avert the Apocalypse. 

It’s the kind of Book of Revelation-level crazy you won’t find on Airbnb. Knock at the Cabin finds a skilled filmmaker stripping things down to their essence: tone, blocking, acting, and sound design, keeping you firmly in the shoes of the stressed couple at its core and wondering why Dave Bautista is standing in their front room with a halberd.

9. Enys Men

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This folk horror-inspired mystery set on a Cornish island is hypnotically creepy. It follows Mary Woodvine’s wildlife volunteer as she grapples with an odd flower and life in solitude, is shrouded in a fog of Tarkovsky-esque ambiguity, and reverberates with the threat of something truly horrible developing – very much in the spirit of The Wicker Man. 

In a nutshell, it could only be Mark Jenkin’s work, a director capable of putting his unique perspective on influences that would overwhelm less experienced directors. The magical feelings are powerful enough to transform us all into druids, shot on 16mm film and full of handcrafted ’70s aesthetics.

10. Huesera: The Bone Woman

11 new horror movies 2024

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This debut horror film from Mexico City-based director Michelle Garza Cervera is built around a disturbing yet universal theme of motherhood and femininity. 

It was a great hit in its country last year. Valeria (Natalia Solián) is a lady attempting to blend in and conceal her background, but her pregnancy awakens something terrible that will not let her rest. 

And before you could say ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ her life had devolved into demonic anarchy. The sound design is superb – the shattering of bones will haunt your nightmares – and there isn’t a single time when you don’t get shivers. 

But the horrors are never cheap – there’s true artistry in its use of horror clichés to unpick society’s cruel judgment.

11. Renfield

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It’s no surprise that Nicolas Cage was cast as the Prince of Darkness after decades of allusions to German Expressionism and silent cinema.
This isn’t your father’s Dracula. Renfield instead focuses on the Count’s bug-eating companion, Nicolas Hoult’s gaslit servant, attending group therapy sessions and attempting to shake off his narcissistic master.
Renfield is worth viewing solely to see Cage vamp – what better way to eat the scenery than with a mouth full of Nosferatu-style fangs?

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